CV evaluation

Your resume is your personal image! Dialogos offers a free evaluation of your own CV.

Education in Germany

Every Wednesday from 11:00 to 13:00, Dialogos provides free consulting services and support for education and career in Germany.

Tips and career support

If you are interested in an internship or a vocational training in Germany, we provide you with information about the available jobs and promote you in the best possible way.

Seminars and events

We organize seminars-workshops with the aim of informing you about the tips and secrets for a successful job search in Greece and Germany.


We provide career consulting services, education support, interconnection services for finding an internship/training and seminars on learning German.

Our experience and goals

Dialogos is a team of young employees from Greece and Germany, well educated and informed about education, work, and daily life in Germany. More specifically, we have a lot of experience in career counseling and education consulting, as far as abroad is concerned, and we can advise each candidate on any subject that he/she wants. Moreover, we want to share our knowledge with the people that want either to study or work in Germany, making clear that our experience and services are available for them.

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Mpaltadorou 11,


Tel: 2313053435,

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Our Team

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Promotion of programs and research

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Mpaltadorou 11,
Thessaloniki, 54631
Tel: 2313053435,
Mobile: 6943112212,

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