Activities for schools & educational institutions

Cyber bullying

In collaboration with “DIAN”, which has participated in several European programs, we organize some events to inform parents and teachers about Cyberbullying. We believe that parents and teachers should take some measures to protect their children and finally to reduce this phenomenon. Based on many presentations, this event takes place at schools in Thessaloniki and concerns teachers, parents and associations of parents, and guardians.

Environmental education in schools

In cooperation with “DIAN” (Athens) and “Archipelagos” (Samos), we organize interactive events and presentations in schools in order to teach children to love and protect the environment. “DIAN” has participated in several European programs on the “Advisory” and “Specialized Training”, while the “Archipelagos” is a Marine Conservation Institute and is a non-profit governmental organization. “Archipelagos” has focused on the combination of interdisciplinary research and effective conservation actions to protect terrestrial and marine species towards increasing anthropogenic threats. In such an event, the children will be active and not passive listeners, participating in many activities that relate to the study and protection of the environment.

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