Practice exercise and abroad training


If you are interested in an internship or a vocational training in Germany, we provide you with information about the available jobs and we promote you in the best possible way. Moreover, we inform you about the company for which you will work (philosophy, mission, vision), and the living conditions of the city that you will move into. Our goal is your finding the specialty that best suits you, in order to promote you appropriately to the company.

Curriculum Vitae

Our aim is to help you to find your strengths in order to create an original and unique CV. It is of great importance for us, your strengths to be referred in your CV in the best possible way in order you to have in your hands a resume that you can adjust according to each circumstance.

Cover Letter

For us, the role of the Cover Letter is not just decorative, but determinant. By referring your knowledge, experiences, and skills in a way that emphasizes your strengths, a good Cover Letter couldn’t be rejected by your future employers and will also be able to take off your CV. Therefore, combining our knowledge with your enthusiasm we can create an irresistible Cover Letter which with your CV, they put you on the list of the best candidates for the position that you want.


Having created a very attractive application (very good CV & Cover Letter), it is almost certain that you will pass to the next stage of the interview. For this stage, we help you by preparing you suitably. Our goal is to give you the right tools in order you to develop the skills that are necessary for your passing with success and being sure for yourself the interview stage.

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