Seminars and events

Job Search and Resume Writing

We organize seminars-workshops with the aim of informing you about the tips and secrets for a successful job search in Greece and Germany. At this seminar, we focus on how someone can effectively look for an available job and then we aim to inform you about the correct writing of a CV and Cover Letter. Moreover, we analyze the skills that you should have, in order to be able to work in a working environment with high demands. Finally, we describe to you some proper business manners, namely how you should behave towards your employer, your colleagues and what you can do in difficult situations.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Vocational Orientation

In cooperation with an experienced psychologist, who is specialized in vocational guidance for adults, we organize an interactive seminar that lasts half a day. Our goal is to help you to find the job that suits you, depending on your qualifications and interests.  Firstly, we will focus on what is important to look and think before you start looking for work, and then you will participate in the process of a written test, which will take the form of multiple choices. Finally, the psychologist will collect your tests and after their examination and interpretation, he will explain and analyze them to you with a personal appointment.
Duration: 2 parts (3 hours and 1 hour)

German Language and Terminology of various professional disciplines

If you want to learn or improve your level of German, we provide you with the necessary knowledge through this seminar by organizing intensive courses of German Language for levels A1 to B2. Furthermore, in this seminar we are going to give you the opportunity to learn the terminology in German in the following business sectors: Finance, Education, Health, Customer Service, Hospitality, International Trade, Gymnastics, Carpentry, Agriculture, Hairdressing, Electrician, Engineer, Travel agent.
Duration: 100 hours each level

Education and work in Greece and in Germany

With presenters from various professional fields from Greece and Germany, we organize information events on education and work in Greece and Germany. Participating in such an event, you will gain useful information about the education level in Germany and the differences with the corresponding level in Greece. Moreover, you are informed about the conditions and working hours in Germany as well as the monthly salary. Finally, having a complete picture you will be able to understand and compare the education system and labor between the two countries, which will help you to select more accurately the country in which it would be best for you to study and work.

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