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In addition to the consultancy, we have devoted ourselves to a project and offer the organization and execution of study visits (in Thessaloniki) for professionals or students from specific disciplines – whether as part of Erasmus + or of other financing source. Within the framework of Erasmus +, we can act as hosting organization or partner organization.

The study visits can include the subject of the conditions and integration of refugees, early childhood education and also tourism in Greece. The offer is aimed at professionals, trainers, educators and finally apprentices of the aforementioned professional sectors. Our service includes organizing travel, transportation, accommodation, educational offers, hosting possibilities as well as possible excursions. We can also offer many of the parts of the programs in German. We work with local partners in all areas.

Upon request, we also devote ourselves to other topics!

Study Visits to the topic: Conditions and Integration of Refugees

  • In collaboration with NGOs in Thessaloniki
  • Workshops on the topic of German for refugees, dream-management etc.
  • Presentations on the legal situation of refugees in Greece, relocation, political situation in Greece
  • Visits in organizations, day centers, youth hostels, sewing workshop, German classes

Sudy Visits to the topic: Early Childhood Education in Greece

  • In collaboration with kindergartens
  • Presentations on education and school system in Greece
  • Visits at kindergartens, nurseries, kindergartens of different pedagogical models
  • Workshop on bilingual education, creative employment of preschool children

Study Visits to the topic: Tourism in Greece

  • In collaboration with hotels, restaurants and tourism organizations in Northern Greece
  • Hospitality in hotels, restaurants, training centers for tourist professions
  • Lectures from the tourism industry of entrepreneurs, trainers, employees

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