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Dialogos is a team of young employees from Greece and Germany, well educated and informed about education, work, and daily life in Germany. More specifically, we have a lot of experience in career counseling and education consulting, as far as abroad is concerned, and we can advise each candidate on any subject that he/she wants. Moreover, we want to share our knowledge with the people that want either to study or work in Germany, making clear that our experience and services are available for them.

Vasileios Psychoudakis
Managing Director

Vassilis Psychoudakis is one of the founders of Dialogos and the general manager of the company. He has an active role in the preparation of the counseling and support program concerned about education and careers abroad. He is also responsible for events, public relations and the communication policy of Dialogos with the public and partners, not only in Greek (mother tongue) but also in English and German. Vassilis Psychoudakis has several years of experience in financial management of medium-sized companies, in sales & purchasing management, in trade, in hospitality and in the service sector. Furthermore, he has very good knowledge in conduct meetings and consultations with customers and he is a member of the Non-Profit Organization «ΝΑΟΜΙ» (naomi-thessaloniki.net).


Marie Meihsner
Managing partner

Marie Meihsner is one of the co -founders of Dialogos and responsible for the planning and implementation of the counseling and training program on education and career issues. She is also involved in the organization of events, public relations and communication of Dialogos with the public and partners. Marie Meihsner has worked as a DAAD lecturer at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, teaching German as a foreign language and as an education consultant. The last two years, she is an active member and a co-worker of the Non-Profit Organization «ΝΑΟΜΙ» (naomi-thessaloniki.net).


Maria Athanasiadou
Promotion of programs and research

Maria Athanasiadou is a new member of Dialogos team since December of 2016 and is responsible for the public relations and communication. She graduated from the Department of Economics (University of Macedonia) and has completed her postgraduate studies in the field of Applied Economics and Finance at the same university. Moreover, she has excellent knowledge of English and German language, holding level degrees C2 and C1, respectively.  Her main responsibilities are mail handling, drafting, proof reading and translating (English-German-Greek), newsletters, articles in social media networking and ads in newspapers. Maria is a creative person with strong incentive, which brings innovative ideas in the operation of our company.

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Mpaltadorou 11,
Thessaloniki, 54631
Tel: 2313053435,
Mobile: 6943112212,
Εmail: info@dialogos.net.gr


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